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Our charity partner, Ovarian Cancer Australia, relies on fundraising to be able to deliver enhanced awareness, support, advocacy and research programs. In fact, Ovarian Cancer Australia is the only national organisation that exclusively provides direct support to those living with ovarian cancer - that is, the women experiencing the disease as well as their loved ones – through support groups, phone support, online resources and more.


Black Pepper supports this fundraising effort by selling teal ribbons in all retail stores, hosting in-store tea events and promoting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Having reached a fundraising target to date of $257,642, we would love to improve. By the end of 2018 we aim to raise this to be more than $300,000 and we want your support…


Every woman needs a touch of teal! Our stylish speckled soft scarf in graduating hues of teal is not only stunning, but generous too- with a $10 donation made from every sale. Add a pop of colour to your outfit or purchase as a special gift for a loved one, all while helping a worthy cause.

Black Pepper Speckled Scarf



Black Pepper has created it’s own charity cookbook. The Afternoon Teal cook book echoes the ethos of Afternoon Teal events with much-loved recipes designed to bring people together. All recipes in our Afternoon Teal cookbook were donated by our fabulous Black Pepper customers, who are experienced bakers from around the world. Buy yours now online or in-store

Black Pepper Afternoon Teal




Each year, around 1480 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That means four women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day. Approximately 75% of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage, where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully. Sadly, more than 1000 women lose their battle with the disease each year, the lowest survival rate of any women's cancer. Despite this staggering statistic, ovarian cancer only has a national awareness rate of only 44%.

But if ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, women have an 80% chance of being alive and well after five years. More women need to be diagnosed at an early stage when ovarian cancer is very treatable. And that is why everyone needs to know more about ovarian cancer and its symptoms. It can be difficult to diagnose ovarian cancer because the symptoms are ones that many women will have from time to time, and they are often symptoms of less serious and more common health problems.

But we do know that ovarian cancer is NOT a silent disease. Women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer report four types of symptoms most frequently:

-Abdominal or pelvic pain.

-Increased abdominal size or persistent abdominal bloating.

-Needing to urinate often or urgently.

-Feeling full after eating a small amount.


The team at Ovarian Cancer Australia work tirelessly to provide support, raise awareness, deliver advocacy and fund research. Ovarian Cancer Australia and Black Pepper want to see a world that is free from ovarian cancer and in the meantime, we want to ensure no woman with ovarian cancer walks alone.

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