Packing For Your Next Vacation With Jo Hall

Got a fancy Roman holiday planned? Or maybe a breakfast pitstop at Tiffany’s à la Audrey Hepburn? No matter what city is on your itinerary this summer, our Black Pepper brand ambassador Jo Hall has all the tips for what you should pack to make this vacation your best one yet.

Keep reading to hear all about Jo’s favourite travel destinations and the gorgeous Black Pepper styles that she takes with her to make every holiday comfortable and effortlessly stylish.

I consider myself both unlucky and lucky to have two of my four children living in ideal holiday destinations. My eldest son has lived in Amsterdam, Paris and the UK for over a decade, and my daughter moved to Noosa in May of last year.

We’ve just arrived back from our latest travels to Europe. We usually go every year or two in their summertime to enjoy the warmer weather and the culture that it has to offer.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years from my travels, it’s how to master the art of packing the perfect mix and match outfits. But even though I always try to travel light, that rarely happens!


On a day-to-day basis I’m either relaxing or sightseeing so I always pack light tops, such as t-shirts, collared shirts and linen. I mix and match these with versatile long shorts or skirts.

I’m sure, like us, you love to indulge in going out for a nice dinner or to the theatre. These special occasions call for a pair of pants and a silk or printed shirt and a vibrant dress or two – preferably in a fabric that doesn’t crush (and can also be worn during the day if need be).

Of course, you always need to be prepared for a slight change in weather, especially during the nighttime! I always make sure to have a light cardigan and pair of denim jeans just in case! These pieces are also super versatile, so can always be paired back with any of my day or nighttime outfits.

Europe generally consists of a lot of walking – in Rome once we walked 37km in one day – so it’s really important to pack shoes that will be both durable and comfortable all day long. I tend to reach for flat sandals for the beach, sneakers  for during the day and some small heels for dinners or special nights out.

And last, but definitely not least, the airport outfit! I always go for classic comfort… a pair of jeans, knitted jumper and a lightweight jacket.

Happy travelling!
Love, Jo






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