World Kindness Day







We searched the country looking for Australia's Kindest Person as part of our World Kindness Day campaign. To our delight we received some amazing nominations, from generous friends to kind-hearted volunteers. Our amazing winner, runner up and finalists have significantly contributed to society and make this world a better place!
By sharing their stories, we hope to inspire others to live a little kinder each day.





Black Pepper is looking for the ‘unsung heroes’ amongst our community and recognise their contribution to society, focus on the lives they’ve changed and celebrate them as ‘Australia and New Zealand's Kindest Person’ for 2024.

Has someone in your life come to mind? Perhaps a mother, daughter, sister, aunt or special friend who deserves a round of applause? Maybe, it’s you? Whoever it is, now is the time to spread their story of kindness with the world.