It’s no secret that our Snowy Mountain Fleece is a bestseller season after season. 

Fleece is a truly versatile piece material known for its softness, warmth and moisture-wicking properties, which makes it the perfect choice for cold weather activities likes walks in the park, at the beach, or even just enjoying a cup of tea in your own backyard!

The Black Pepper Snowy Mountain Fleece range is made from a cotton and polyester blended fabric that has a brushed texture to keep you warm and comfortable against bitter winter winds.

These winter-essential styles are not only cosy and stylish, but extremely easy to care for with a quick machine wash. Plus, we’ve crafted each design in a variety of bold and neural colours to suit every wardrobe and occasion – there’s simply nothing to not love about them!


 Need more convincing?

Remember, just like a fluffy puppy needs grooming, your garments also require care and attention to maintain their appearance and softness. So, the next time you notice pilling on our favourite sweater or scarf, reach for your trusty Knitwear Comb and give it the TLC it deserves. Your knitwear will thank you for it!



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