Did you spot our special friends Louise the boat & Leo the dog in our Mother’s Day campaign? 

Meet Louise

The historic boat


Designed in 1868 and built between 1868-1945, it’s believed that Louise was originally a tender, transporting sea pilots from boat to boat.

Following retirement, pilot tenders were sold to private owners. In January 1965, Ron Spooner became the new owner of ‘Louise’. Ron was a keen yachtsman from age 14 and was looking for a vessel he could handle himself, and one that could be part of his family.

With many years of special moments, restorations and upgrades – in the mid 2000’s Roger (Ron’s son) took over Louise, taking on the legacy and hope of continuing to share her history.

“My best memories of Louise were when we would go fishing and fill her with flathead” - Brian Spooner

“There was a massive storm one day when we were out on Louise. Dad tied the tiller up with rope so he could steer from the cabin and we all huddled under there. There was hail and lightning hitting the water – it was pretty scary, but Louise kept afloat.” - Carol and Brian Spooner

History has been taken from the book on Louise's history, written by Roger Spooner.

Meet Leo

Our special Aussie Shepherd Guest



Leo is a four year old Aussie Shepherd superstar who loves forest walks and running along the beach under the Melbourne sun. He's been featured in numerous advertisement and recently made his big screen debut, starring in the Australian filmed psychological thriller - The Clearing.


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