Learn More About Bella

Our online virtual stylist

Need some styling advice or want to find a product best suited to you?
With so many options available, it can be difficult to shop online. The best part, you can now get shopping advice right from the comfort of your own home!

To help your online shopping journey, we would like to introduce Bella!
Bella is our online virtual stylist and shopping assistant.

She can help guide you in the right direction, assisting you by finding a specific style of clothing or just narrow down your options whilst browsing.
Bella will ask you a series of questions to discover exactly what you’re looking for. She will start with questions like fabrication options, sizing, care and colours preferences. Once you select your preferred answers, Bella will show you 6-9 options best suited to what you’re looking for!
Bella will rate these options with a percentage, this is based on how many of your preferences she was able to find.
You can meet Bella on our home page or in the below categories, she will give you curated clothing selections in just 30 Seconds.
Shopping online has never been easier!