Message From: Diana

Kindness Message: Try to do a good deed every day- you'll feel good about it and there will be rippling positive effects far reaching.

Message From: Jasmine

Kindness Message: Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns

Message From: Toni

Kindness Message: I would like to thank Jeanette (my area manager), my team at Black Pepper Figtree and colleagues at Black Pepper Corrimal for their kind thought and gestures during this difficult time in my life, your kindness and understanding means the world to me.

Message From: Dorothy

Kindness Message: Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves - and that sunshine is kindness !

Message From: Joy

Kindness Message: Dear Friends around the World, Take Hope and keep it close to your heart. For from Hope, you can draw goodness, kindness, love and courage, to pass onto others, who are struggling through this very difficult season of our lives.

Message From: Dorothy

Kindness Message: With a sweet tongue and kindness, you can drag a elephant by a hair. Persian Proverb.

Message From: Sophia 

Kindness Message: Happiness and kindness are more infectious than Covid; in these difficult times smile at a stranger and be kind to everyone, especially those who are struggling; a smile can be worth more than a million dollars

Message From: Merlene

Kindness Message: Say hello and give a big smile to a stranger today.

Message From: Karin

Kindness Message: Don't be afraid to have a little chat with a stranger. There are lots of lonely people out there and a few words with a smile may make a big difference to someones day. 

Message From: Aileen

Kindness Message: I was taught to be kind and to never judge anyone as you can never know what they maybe struggling with a smile can make a huge difference 

Message From: Elaine 

Kindness Message: Following the disrupted year I congratulate my granddaughter on completing her VCE exams.

Message From: Cheryl 

Kindness Message: A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to all those hardworking front line and retail staff for their outstanding effort throughout the pandemic and to their families. 

Message From: Elizabeth

Kindness Message: One of the best lessons you can teach your children is to be kind to others, animals and the environment. Lets make this world a better place.

Message From: Bronnie 

Kindness Message: I volunteer with therapy dogs and today I introduced a new team to a mental health hospital. The patients and staff loved the new team. This team is going to make the world go around beautifully for all of these people. Smiles were shared everywhere.

Message From: Katie 

Kindness Message: Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people and be the kindness in every room!

Message From: Wendy 

Kindness Message: Always see the ability is someone not a disability. A smile, words of encouragement, a simple hello and what a nice day may be the start of a friendship or simply make someone feel warm & liked. Be that person always. 

Message From: Silvia

Kindness Message: Kindness can be standing up for someone who isn't there to defend themself against gossip or criticism

Message From: Marie

Kindness Message: Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth. 

Message From: Margaret

Kindness Message: Never let the sun go down in your anger, May everyone you encounter today feel better for the encounter. 

Message From: Clevette 

Kindness Message: Kindness comes from the heart and should be shared to everyone.

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Message From: Yolinda

Kindness Message: A smile to a stranger may mean the world to them.

Message From: Diana

Kindness Message: Now that face masks are needed less, smile more and cheer someone up!

Message From: Karmel

Kindness Message: Hug somebody. Hugging is powerful.

Message From: Lesley

Kindness Message: Being kind to your fellow man or woman is what life is all about. Share the love!

Message From: Jenny

Kindness Message: Kindness can be easily shown in a smile, it just might make someone's day. Remember, we don't know what the other person is experiencing.

Message From: Julie

Kindness Message: Always be kind to everyone.

Message From: Christine

Kindness Message: Tell someone you love them, smile at a stranger, expect nothing in return.

Message From: Susan

Kindness Message: Always have a listening ear ready. You never know who you will meet who needs it.

Message From: Carol

Kindness Message: You are unique and beautiful, remember to be kind to yourself... you deserve it!

Message From: Roslin

Kindness Message: Be kind and help people.

Message From: Jasmine

Kindness Message: KINDNESS is my SUPERPOWER.

Message From: Teresa

Kindness Message: Be kind to all that cross your path. Smile til your face hurts.

Message From: Angie

Kindness Message: You could be just a person for the world but for many people out there you are their world.

Message From: Claire

Kindness Message: If you don't have a kind, caring thing to say, don't say it at all.

Message From: Merryl

Kindness Message: Kindness only requires a smile, a hug, a phonecall, a text message or just being there to support someone.

Message From: Gaynor

Kindness Message: Being able to give my friend Jill a big hug after losing her dea husband recently.

Message From: Anne

Kindness Message: A good listener shows kindness to those around.

Message From: Joy

Kindness Message: To the wonderful staff at BP Miranda Fair, Thank You for your lovely smiling faces and excellent Customer Service.

Message From: Gill

Kindness Message: Sometimes life is difficult but remember that when you're down there is only one way to go and that's UP!

Message From: Gill

Kindness Message: Get up & speak up, nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'M POSSIBLE, remember someone is always there to listen.

Message From: Hellen

Kindness Message: If you are able to forgive one another for the little and big things in life it shows kindness. Some of the biggest acts of kindness are forgiveness for yourself and others.

Message From: Margaret

Kindness Message: Kindness is far more contagious than covid and it's effects can last longer.

Message From: Debra

Kindness Message: I would just love the world to be kind to each other, and to always give you time and consideration to the elderly and the young at heart.

Message From: Millie

Kindness Message: Smiles are contagious. Let's start a smiling pandemic and spread happiness. 

Message From: Aimee

Kindness Message: Throw kindness around like confetti! It costs nothing and means everything.

Message From: Jasmine

Kindness Message: KINDNESS costs nothing, but means everything

Message From: Kathleen

Kindness Message: For every cloudy morning there is always a midnight moon above. For every little bit of sadness there is always a whole lot of love.

Message From: Margaret

Kindness Message: Many thanks to the wonderful people at Black Pepper for keeping us beautifully clothed during covid lockdowns. Just looking at your gorgeous fashions lifted my spirits!

Message From: Melissa

Kindness Message: It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to show kindness could simply be a few well chosen words and or a smile to brighten another person’s day.

Message From: Gail

Kindness Message: A kind word to someone when they are struggling is worth more than a million congratulations when they succeed.

Message From: Jill

Kindness Message: Our days are happiest when we share the kindness of our heart!

Message From: Dorothy

Kindness Message: I wish everyone good health and joy for now and into their future.

Message From: Lee-Ann

Kindness Message: My motto is "treat others as you would like to be treated yourself". It makes life so much a happier and harmonious place. Kindness has a wonderful ripple effect.

Message From: Maureen

Kindness Message: Caring about your family and friends is very special.
Life is too short to be miserable and finding happiness is the world's best medicine.

Message From: Jenny

Kindness Message: Kindness comes in many forms. We often shower our family and friends with kindness, but we may forget to be kind, thoughtful and considerate towards strangers or people that we don't understand or those that annoy us.

Message From: Marlene

Kindness Message: Kindness begets kindness so let us all practice this and create a KINDER and more caring WORLD for all the underprivileged and suffering people with whom we share this this Earth.

Message From: Dale

Kindness Message: Worrying does not take away tomorrow's problems - it takes away today's peace......

Message From: Helen

Kindness Message: I hope everyone has a great day and everyone has a happy week

Message From: Anne

Kindness Message: Took my wheelchair-bound husband out for morning tea and on going to the counter to order, found the young couple at the next table had paid for our coffee and cake.

Message From: Effie

Kindness Message: Let compassion be the fashion.

Message From: Carol

Kindness Message: I always endeavour to be kind to people and I notice if people drop anything and then I tell them about it so they pick up their objects including money or pens or mobile phones or notebooks or clothes

Message From: Marcella

Kindness Message: Kindness is free of charge. A simple wave , a smile or a hello how are you can often uplift the saddest of souls.
What a beautiful thing it is knowing that your gesture of kindness may have brought some joy, hope and promise to another human being.

Message From: Stephanie

Kindness Message: Love yourself and one another ❤

Message From: Jill

Kindness Message: To all our frontline health workers - thank you for putting yourself out there to keep the majority of us safe as we navigate our way through the pandemic.
You are true angels and so very much appreciated 

Message From: Margaret

Kindness Message: A warm smile lights up the heart

Message From: Jill

Kindness Message: Thank you to smiling eyes behind face masks.
As a hearing impaired person I did not realise how much I lip read as face masks became mandatory. I still struggle to comprehend what is being said to me, but a pair of smiling eyes make a world of difference.

Message From: Diane

Kindness Message: Smile, with an open heart and a gentle touch, you may never know how it may bring comfort and
solace to a breaking heart

Message From: Dale

Kindness Message: It's your road and yours alone - others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you......

Message From: Beverly

Kindness Message: Kindness is this little gesture that flows out of someone without effort. it spreads sunshine to the recipient. It gives us hope in a troubled world. Spend your day today giving that hope to all you meet and I'm confident they will pass it forward.

Message From: Pauline

Kindness Message: Today you could be talking to someone,
Who is trying their best not to fall apart,
So whatever you do today,
Try to do it with kindness in your heart.

Message From: Elaine

Kindness Message: Please always try and show good kindness and karma to whom you meet - lets make this place a better world !

Message From: Dianne

Kindness Message: Care for your neighbours, a wave and a smile and a few words is all it takes.