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We tend to spend more time indoors during winter, making it the perfect time of year to read those books you’ve been meaning to read for months. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures to curl up with a cup of tea, cosy blanket and a good book. Bonus points if you have a working fireplace! Read on for our top 5 winter reads.

It Started with a Kiss – Miranda Dickinson
It may seem funny to read Christmas novels in July but those written by European or American writers are a wonderful read during the Australian winter. Descriptions of blankets of snow, hot chocolates and winter romance are all the more magical when it’s actually cold outside. It Started with a Kiss is a guilty pleasure. Following one woman’s quest to find love, you’ll love it for its beautifully simple writing, originality and incredible wit. Be warned – there are many mentions of cakes and sweet treats; you’ll want to have one next to your cuppa when you read this.

Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

This 834-page winner of the 2013 Man Booker Prize is a novel set in 19th century New Zealand. Luminaries earned its place on this list for its opener – a dark and stormy night – setting the perfect scene for a thrilling winter read.

You’ll meet Walter Moody, a young man who ventures to New Zealand in 1866 with hopes to make a fortune working in the goldfields. An unfolding series of strange events will grip you in this something-for-everyone blend of historical fiction meets mysterious thriller.

Miracle at Midlife – Roni Beth Tower
A memoir of raw and real romance, David and Roni, both in their fifties had signed off on love – that is, until they meet each other. A transatlantic tale set in Paris and Connecticut, this memoir is uplifting, inspiring and heart-warming. It tells a relatable story about overcoming personal demons and threats, courage, joy and integrity. A romantic autobiography, you’ll love reading this for its emotional honesty.


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle – Haruki Murakami

Published in 1997, Murakami’s novel is a stunning work of long, twisty mysteries written in a dreamlike fashion. Newly unemployed Toru Okada is on a mission to find his wife’s missing cat – which she describes as symbolic of their relationship. Along his quest we meet a bunch of eclectic characters, including a psychic prostitute, a war veteran and a morbid 16-year-old girl.  For a seemingly quiet Tokyo suburb, strange things occur…

The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton
The setting of Burton’s The Miniaturist is a character in itself. So much so that you will feel the icy winds of Amsterdam against your cheeks as you read this masterpiece. The story follows young Nella Oortman who marries a wealthy merchant to relieve the financial strain of her father’s passing. The future looks bleak as Nella begins to feel lonely and hopeless in her marriage, until a mysterious miniaturist begins leaving haunting gifts, threatening to expose her husband and his family.
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  1. Have made a note of all these books and if my Library has them then it looks as though I will be settling in for a good read, in this cold weather. Thank you for listing some books that I might not normally notice.

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