Our second instalment of The Twelve Blogs of Christmas introduces us to a lovely member of our in store team from Miranda, who shares joy with her customers all year round.

See below our interview with Karin from Black Pepper Miranda.


What do you love about daily life at Black Pepper? 

Every day is full of surprises! Customers coming in and telling their stories, listening to their needs and wants and having a good laugh with them- it feels good to make a difference in their day.


What Black Pepper piece is a must-have in your wardrobe? 

A definite must-have, would have to be a pair of black Moyagashell pant and a white pair of Liberty Pants with our basic tees in multiple colours.


And as a styling expert- do you have a favourite piece from our Summer Collection? 

Any pieces in our Eureka Fabric. It is fabric to wear anywhere, minimal care and comfy to wear (especially the pants!). A winner for every shape and size from day to night.


What styling advice do you stand by? 

Versatility! Showing what you can make out of a garment, easily dressing it up or down. It’s also important to listen to what a customer wants and needs. Reassure them not to be afraid of trying on something new!

Print or plain?

It is all in the attitude of wearing fashion. Some like it trendy, some like it conservative.


Where could we find you this summer? Do you have a special summer holiday destination? 

Holidays are already spent with grandchildren in Queensland.

Black Pepper loves to host an party! Do you have a favourite in store event?

Our Morning Teal events are always fun and relaxed with our customers, as well as being for a worthy cause.


(psst! Looking for your nearest Black Pepper event? See our new events page!)


Do you have a favourite customer story?  

We have lovely customer Barbara, who visits us once a month from Kiama. She is a fragile woman, but her positive outlook in inspiring.

Anytime she comes into the store, she has lots to tell and is not shy to try on some new things for her 78 years of age. She is in poor health, has no family- but has embraced us as such.

On her last visit we ended up surprising her- with a birthday sing-a-long and a birthday cupcake! She was overwhelmed by the love and joy she received from us and we were happy to give her “some of our Black Pepper loving”– It made everyone’s day!


Finally, what makes the Black Pepper lady so fabulous? 

She is a woman who knows what she wants, but is open to suggestions and will adventurously try new cuts, prints and fabrics.


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