Karen is another vibrant voice you may hear when looking for some Customer Service help at Black Pepper. Having worked in the brand for 18 years , Karen is extremely caring and warm towards her customers, naming one of her greatest pleasures as working with our retailers and getting the product straight to you.

Here is a little bit about Karen:


1. Hi Karen! What special things do you see around the office as Christmas is approaching? 

There is an additional buzz in the office as staff work extra hard to get the right product in store,  on time and with the right message to our valued customers. Celebrations are about start with a gift swapping event and Staff party night almost here!

2. How do you celebrate the holidays? 

Looking forward to sharing some family time, most likely with a caravan trip to the beach with our Border Collie, twin 12y old boys and NO technology (for them)!!!

3. What will you be wearing to celebrate this year?

I just love the layered Chantal Top with the gorgeous sleeve detail teamed with the Contessa Pant. It is in our Platinum range, which provides the stylish occasion pieces.  The Contessa Pant will be a staple in my wardrobe this Summer- Bamboo and Cotton blend pant just perfect for hotter days.



4. What will you be gifting this year?

I love Aroma Diffusers and the Bamboo Eco Mugs. You can never have enough of these. Plenty of my family and friends enjoy coffee catch ups!

5. What styling advice do you stand by?

Keep it simple, know your colour, and add that piece of jewellery to accent your outfit.


6. Do you have a favourite piece from the latest collection?

I always am drawn to the Style range. I seem to be wearing a lot of shirts at the moment and simply love the Amala Lindon Shirt! It is a stunning print.


7. Favourite in store event?

Looking forward to my first one in store next year. I have heard the morning teas are amazing!


8. Print or plain?

Prints in Summer ! I love to celebrate my favourite colour blue, at this time of year. There are some gorgeous floral prints in store and they just lift your mood.


9. Do you have a favourite customer story?

There are many from over the years, but I guess the ever flowing remarks when you say where you work. They all know “Black Pepper”and speak so highly of it. On numerous occasions, there have been comments on my clothes, the latest in Cobram, where a member of the public just stopped me and wanted the dress I was wearing. Managed to refer her on to a store, in her region, and then managed a quick get away!


10. Finally, what makes the Black Pepper lady so fabulous?

The Black Pepper lady is amazing. The most striking feature is she is warm, happy and knows what she wants. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved with the evolution of product for this lady. Just last week whilst voting at the poll booth, I looked up to see our lady in the queue dressed in a  full BP outfit, Vest/Striped L/S tee and Pant. This makes me feel like it has all been worthwhile! She looked just great!



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