Let The Festivities Begin



It’s our favourite time of the year, spending time with our nearest and dearest, and being able to share the love with our latest gifting range. Inspired by the festivities, feelings of joy and Australiana, the range was thoughtfully designed and curated by Black Pepper designer Belinda.


Discover her top picks, secrets to finding the perfect gift and what she loved most about designing the range...

Q: How were you inspired for this year’s gifting range?


I wanted the range to evoke feelings of celebration, joy, and gratitude.I was inspired by native flowers and animals – anything Australiana. After the year we’ve had I felt we would all be drawn to these palettes and themes as they conjure up carefree holiday moods of yesteryear.


Q: What do you think the Black Pepper community will love most about this year’s range?


There is something for everyone – no matter what your budget. As travelling and holiday reunions pose challenges to some, gifting will regain its true meaning of communicating love and care to family and friends, albeit from a distance. For those that can get together, the festive homewares range of kitchen accessories is a must have in all your Christmas lunches!


Q: What are your top picks?


I love the Rose bloom mousepad, it’s the perfect piece for the stylish friend in your life and a great way to style up the home office. And who doesn’t love a nice smelling wardrobe, so any of our scented fragrant range. The scented products range features a print we have also done in our clothing range so there is the opportunity to create a unique gift set. 


Q: What are your favourite features of the range?


We have so many beautiful gifts priced under $25 - so you don’t have to break the bank these holidays.  The gardenia scented wardrobe fragrance range is all made in Australia which I love, and our Festive homewares collection is made of organic cotton. 


Q: What’s your secret to finding the perfect gift for everyone this giving season?


My focus is mainly about making someone smile when they open my present. Particularly after the crazy year we’ve just had, we’re all looking to make the holidays really special this year. Finding the perfect gifts for the special people in your life won’t solve all the problems, but it certainly might be a dollop of joy during an otherwise crummy year!

Q: What are you most looking forward to personally this festive season?


A big family get together on Christmas Day, it’s been a long time coming. There will be lots of laughs and I’m sure mum will out-do herself with the cooking! I can’t wait to give my little niece and nephew a long overdue hug!


Q: What’s your top tip for being organised during what can be a busy time of year?


This year I’m taking a more strategic approach and have been chipping away at everything slowly – I’m doing lots of shopping online. In the past I would overextend myself with the social engagements. This year I’m focusing on quality time with those nearest and dearest to my heart.