This February, for the month of Ovarian Cancer awareness- Black Pepper is doing its part to spread the word and raise funds for the wonderful Ovarian Cancer Australia. Entering our fourth year of such an important partnership, in 2019 we’ve decided to really paint the town teal.

Here’s how we will be Ovary-acting:


Black Pepper x Walk With Me

This month Black Pepper has pledged to walk up to 42 km along the Warburton Trail Walk, joining with others to raise money for the cause. Although a little bit nervous about completing such a walk, we’re so excited to be surrounded by a community that is as passionate about advocating for awareness as we are. If you’d like to join us, you can find more information here & if you’d like to sponsor us, please click the donate button below.

Afternoon Teal

Join us for a cup of tea and a treat at our Afternoon or Morning Teal’s, held across a number of our Black Pepper stores. Our store staff and lovely customers look forward to these fundraising morning teas each year as it is a great way to get together, have a chat and support the brave women and families affected by Ovarian Cancer.

Find an event near you here, we can’t wait to see you!

See here for tips on how to organise your own Afternoon Teal with friends to help fundraise.

Fashion For a Cause

Each year with the OCA has seen the launch of our signature charity scarf. In 2019, our Teal Pleated scarf has had a modern update and is joined by the Chrissy Top- with $10 from sales of each this dedicated to the cause.

We have also introduced the Eco-Friendly bag, to help you reduce, reuse and stay stylish all whilst helping a very special cause. Black Pepper will be donating 100% of the profits from each sale of the bag this month.

An amazing organisation that relies on fundraising to deliver enhanced awareness, support, advocacy and research programs- Black Pepper is so proud to align ourselves with Ovarian Cancer Australia. With so many fundraising activities in store, this year we hope to donate our biggest sum ever.





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