This season we’re celebrating the unique bond between mothers and their daughters. Our beautiful Mother’s Day campaign was shot with our stunning brand ambassador Isabella Cowan and her daughter Rochelle. As a former super model travelling the world whilst raising a daughter, we spoke to Isabella about how her bond with Rochelle grew:
Rochelle was my first baby; I had her when I was 24 years old. I was travelling a lot at the time and still modelling. I continued to work for the first 6 months of my pregnancy and spent most of the time trying to hide my growing tummy.
At the time I was married to tennis player Peter McNamara and for the 2 years before my pregnancy I was touring with him. I had to put my career on hold to follow Peter and so I thought; why not have a baby? Rochelle got her first passport at just 2 weeks old. She had to wait until she was 6 weeks old for her first flight over to see her dad who was playing Wimbledon at the time. She was a very well-travelled baby and celebrated her first birthday in Paris. She came to all of the tournaments with me where I had to try and keep her amused and quiet!
From ages 5 until 8 we lived in here in Melbourne, Australia. We then moved to Hertfordshire in the UK where we stayed until her late teens. We lived on a country property in a 500 year old house. It was a great experience for her to grow up on the farm. Australia was still on the radar as we would travel back every Christmas for the Australian Open. I loved being a mother and at this point had given up my career to be a mum full time. I picked her up from school each day at 3.30pm and cherished being lucky enough to experience her growing up; as they do so quickly. Rochelle went on to study the Arts at Deakin University and lived with me until she was 23.
I think all of the travelling we did in the early years formed the basis of our close relationship now and the strong bond we share.
I think it was the standard terrible two’s and teens. When she was younger it was hard travelling and dealing with the usual toddler tantrums; she was a little monster when she was 2. When she was older the main cause of argument was her messy room. I would spend all day cleaning it and then it would be messy again! In the end I decided not to sweat the small stuff – she was the one that had to sleep there – so I just closed the door and ignored it. The funny thing is that now her house is always immaculate!
Knowing that Rochelle thinks of me as her best friend. It’s great to know that she trusts me enough to be able to confide in me and tell me everything. I’m so proud of the way she has grown up. She is a very strong and successful individual. At school she loved team sport and was the captain of everything. Now she inspires me everyday with her determination- throwing herself 100% into whatever she does.
I speak to Rochelle every day and we see each other at least twice a week! The first thing she does when she comes round is raid the fridge! Rochelle is a good cook and we both enjoy food and love to go out for dinner. We enjoy sharing fashion and beauty tips, Rochelle always loved to do my hair and makeup when she was growing up.
Rochelle and I will always be close. Her girlfriends are the best for having a great time, but when she is upset she still wants to talk to mummy. I get on so well with Rochelle’s friends that they are always coming over to mine with Rochelle. As they have all grown up I have become one of the girls and now it seems I have acquired more daughters!
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