Introducing: Trudy Rice


She is the mastermind and artist behind some our new Black Pepper Home Collection!
We sat down with her for a cuppa and chatted everything art, life and homewares!

What do you love about Black Pepper, and how has that
inspired your collaboration with us?

My range of nature-inspired homewares blends so nicely with the aesthetic of
Black Pepper, and I love their overall style and sense of home living.

Tell us about your love of art?

I have always loved being creative in some way. Whether it was making beaded
jewellery in my younger years, handmade cards, wearing the creations of some of
the most talented designers as a fashion model or creating artworks and designing
- I couldn't imagine my life without creativity.

One of the surfaces I use in my work is paper. I love its tactile nature and the fact
that it derives from the earth.

I work mainly using layers of monotype printing and solar plate etchings that help
me capture the essence of the garden. I am drawn particularly to our magnificent,
feathered friends, precious native animals, and native flowers that are, of course, found
out in the bush or in the garden.

I like to think my works convey depth with visible brush strokes, open composition, and
an understanding of the changing light. This is all inspired by nature around me.

What are your inspirations and approach when creating new work?

I love to walk into the bush, stand, and listen. Often the birds take a long while to settle,
flitting about the garden, and then I catch a fleeting glimpse. Picking up a dried twig or
leaf that has a history fills my heart with a kind of contemplative joy, that sigh of relief
that I'm again one with nature.

My artworks are created with mindful observation; I use my initial drawings then etch
them in the sun and water that the specimens are found; these are printed on paper. I
like to create a real sense of texture and depth and liken the mindfulness present when
creating or being in 'flow' to meditation.

Artmaking has been challenging during the last 18 months; however, it's been a joy
creating works I love with one of our most beautiful native flowers, the banksia, like the
artwork in the Banksia Bolster Cushion.

The transference of my artwork to homewares, wallpapers and other products has been
a natural progression. It seemed so fitting that I was bringing the outdoors into the
home, and I'm thrilled to see the new Black Pepper collection available in store

Nature is the recurring motif of your work, is there an
underpinning ideology to this?

My core values are honesty, integrity, sustainability and being environmentally aware.

Where possible, I like products to be made locally. This range of linen andcotton/linen
blend homewares now available at Black Pepper is made in Melbourne by a combination
of supported special needs workers at KE Design.

I believe my work offers a sense of peace, calmness and connectivity to our natural
world and hope others can now enjoy this in their own homes.

Find Trudy Rice’s collection of homewares and many
more beautiful styles online now!