Entering into the world of Facebook can be an exciting time- and sometimes a tricky one!
Contacting friends of the past, family from overseas and keeping up with cute images of grandchildren,
nieces and nephews will  be just the beginning.

Here’s our How-To for some of Facebook’s biggest functions- and how to find Black Pepper out there.

Writing a status

Writing a status is one of the best ways to let your Facebook friends know your thoughts, opinions or simply what you’ve done that day. It is also a great way to ask a question (eg. Does anyone  have a good scone recipe? ) and gain a quick response.

Firstly, head to the main dashboard of your Facebook page, and click in the space labelled ‘What’s on your mind?’ to begin.

Commenting on a friend’s status

Seen a friend’s status on your newsfeed and have something to say? Simply move to the space beneath the status that says ‘write a comment’ and type away.

Insert cartoon images by clicking on the 🙂 symbol or attach a photo by clicking on the camera image.

Liking a page

Keep up to date with all your favourite interests by following pages on Facebook- from your favourite
baker, favourite magazine to your favourite brand ( Black Pepper, of course). On our page you can find our
latest styles, special offers and inspirations.

On any page- find the thumbs up symbol near the top left corner and click. You will now be following the page!

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