How to make your own linen spray

woman's hands holding a linen spray bottle

Spring cleaning is the time for fresh starts and cleaning. One place in your house that might need a bit of attention is your linen closet! Time to take out all of your linen that’s been sitting there for months and air it out. Hang some sheets out on the line to get rid of dust and musky smells. What if that isn’t enough? When you want your home to smell fresh but don’t have the time to do a full cleaning of your linens, linen spray is the answer. You can spritz clean and sweet-scented sprays on almost anything to give It a fresh lease on life – soft furnishings, bed linen, towels, clothing and rugs. Your linen closet and your house will feel cleaner immediately.

Even better news? Linen water is incredibly easy to make at home – just follow the instructions below.

Lemon scented linen spray


30 drops essential oil (we love lemon, lavender or rose hip. You can also use a blend of two oils) – you can also read our lavender blog to see what else you can make with lavender here

1.5 cups distilled water

90mL vodka


Mix water and vodka in a jar, add lid and shake to combine.

Add oil and shake again until all ingredients are combined.

Using a funnel, pour into a spray bottle. You’re done!


Spray on a freshly made bed for the perfect finishing touch

Spray on towels, allow to dry and store away

Refresh musty wardrobe or linen cupboard with a couple of sprays

Spritz the sofa and throw cushions for an instant refresh

Use as an air freshener

Spray after cooking to get rid of lingering food odours

lavender scented linen spray


For delicate or light fabrics, patch-test a small area before spraying the linen water to make sure it doesn’t mark. A light spritz is all that is needed – be sure not to saturate the fabric.

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